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The 5 Skills Every Dancer Must Know

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1. Listen skill

Before we move we need to listen to the music. So we can connect our mind to our body then can move to the beat. Also the most important thing is listen to ourseleves why we dance. why we wanna dance. so we can dance from inside out.

2. Flexibility

Dance need our body to communicate with people . So we need our body more flexibility cause we won't get hurt when we dance.

3. Strenghten

Dancers need the strong muscle to support the difficult movement. Also very fast movement need strong core muscle to bring you back in to the center of your body.

4. Communicate

Every kind of performance need to communicate . No matter how u good skill but if you can not communicate . Audiences will never understand your show.

5. Adaptation

Every career need the adaptation. Cause you can not work alone. So the adaptation is a survivor skill. Movement skill is also about learning new thing every day. you need to make audiences surprise in your new performance everytime they come to see your show.

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